Low Cost, High Productivity

Bale Grabber

  • Avoid surface damages

  • Self centering of the load

  • Versatile

Manure Fork

  • Simple design

  • Strong teeth, replaceable 

  • Great visibility 

Bale Fork

  • Efficient

  • Reliable 

Feed Dispenser

  • Efficient

  • Easy to load

  • Fast

Silage Fork

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Versatile and efficient 

  • Replaceable teeth 

Hives Lifter

  • Smart design

  • Easy to use, efficient 

  • Conceived for specific use 

Horse Arena Harrow

  • Great feature 

  • Fast end easy to adjust

  • Time saving application

Inter-row Mower

  • Hydraulic shock absorber

  • Abrasion resistant guard

  • Floating system

  • Automatic deviation and return device 

Power Plough

  • The corkscrew action of the blades pulls the plough through the ground

  • The soil is discharged on the right hand side

  • The horizontal digging action causes little or no hardpan

Power Rake

  • Powerful and fast

  • Effective


  • Simple and efficient

  • Strong body 

Rotary Tiller

  • Reliable, heavy duty

  • Hydraulic transmission

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