One Machine... 

                   ...To Replace Many...

Different attachments can be used in a variety of industries


Lawn Mower 

  •  Mulching kit available

  • Equipped with safety stop valve  


Vase Clamp

  • The easiest way to lift and transport potted or balled plants, trees, barrels, and more without causing damage

  • Excellent tool for nurseries and landscapers



  • Powerful lawn mower with internal clipping catcher

  • Can also be used to collect tree leaves on lawns


Core Aerator

  • Holes stay open for a long time

  • Suitable for heavy clay soils


Flail Mower

  • Great cutting power

  • Reliable and efficient

  • Works very well

  • Multifloat® floating system


Hedge Cutter

  • Cut angle electrically adjustable

  • Time saving attachment

  • Very high cutting quality

  • Cutting bar for fine leaves and heavy leaves


Sickle Bar Mower

  • Compact dimensions

  • Cost effective

  • Fast


Side Flail Mower

  • Excellent visibility to the whole working area

  • Compact with long reach capabilities


Spike Aerator

  • Fast to operate

  • Suitable for sandy or loamy soils


Flail Mower with Side Shift

  • Hydraulic side shift and angle control flail mower

  • Powerful attachment